Future Classic Coffee Roasters sources and roasts hyper seasonal coffees by working with the best coffee producers from around the world and letting their product excite. We are an Austin-based specialty coffee roaster passionate about bringing together the best producers with the best roasting techniques. We have a low intervention approach to roasting. The end result is a cup that expresses what makes the harvest special.


Each season, we carefully curate an assortment of single origins that not only represent the freshest product available, but are exciting to drink. These coffees highlight the best of their region and are grown by stand out producers with innovative techniques. Get them while you can, because once they're gone, they're gone.


Brian DeWitt, Founder, Q Grader

While working in fine dining in Philadelphia, Brian was bit by the coffee bug when a local roaster visited the staff before dinner service began. Hearing coffee described in the same terms as countless wine education sessions was new and instantly piqued his interest. Fast forward several years and a move to New York City, and countless years of home roasting under his belt, Brian decided to leave the fine dining world and dive head first into coffee.

After working at multiple highly regarded Roastery’s in NYC in a number of positions including production and quality control, Brian earned his Q Grader Certificate. A spontaneous coffee drop project in Christmas 2020 and the idea for Future Classic was born.